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1844: DARWIN ADMITS HE’S LYELL’S DISCIPLE: During his time on the Beagle (1831 – 1836) Charles Darwin read lawyer Charles Lyell’s book Principles of Geology. After returning to Britain, Darwin wrote to a friend and colleague about the effect of Lyell’s writings on his own research and writing:
“I always feel as if my books came half out of Lyell’s brains & that I never acknowledge this sufficiently, nor do I know how I can, without saying so in so many words — for I have always thought that the great merit of the Principles [Principles of Geology] was that it altered the whole tone of one’s mind & therefore that when seeing a thing never seen by Lyell, one yet saw it partially through his eyes”
Letter to Leonard Horner, 29 Aug 1844.

ED. COM. It was only after Darwin took on Lyell’s world view of vast geologic ages that he could work out his own theory of evolutionary biology. Darwin’s own writings show the resulting descent from the student who had some respect for the God of the Bible into the man who fully denies Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
(Ref. theistic evolution, Scriptures, Genesis, philosophy, worldview)

Darwin’s letters are available from the Darwin Correspondence Project at:

Evidence News, 16 December 2009


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