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DAWKINS ON DESIGN In Chapter 11 of The Greatest Show on Earth Richard Dawkins describes a series of structures he considers to be “unintelligent design” in animal and human bodies, and concludes: “The overwhelming impression you get from surveying any part of the innards of a large animal is that it is a mess! ... a decent designer would never have perpetrated anything of the shambles that is the criss-crossing maze of arteries, veins, nerves, intestines, wads of fat and muscle, mesenteries and more.”
Richard Dawkins, The Greatest Show on Earth, Bantam Press, 2009, p371, emphases in original

ED. COM. Dawkins' examples of “unintelligent design” include the koala pouch, the vertebrate eye, the recurrent laryngeal nerve, human sinuses and salamander eyes. For details of Dawkins’ criticisms of these and our answers to his challenges search for “Dawkins” in the Fact File. (Use the search box at the top of the page)

Evidence News, 26 May 2010


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