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KILLER LADYBIRD ARRIVES IN UK and after only six months has become a threat to Britain's 46 milder mannered native ladybirds. The Asian Harlequin ladybird was first spotted in Britain in September 04 and since then there have been some 200 sightings. Dr Michael Majerus (Cambridge University) has stated, "The harlequin is a deadly threat to British Ladybirds" and, "over half of British Ladybirds are going to be in direct competition with it." It is currently eating its way aggressively through the aphid population and is expected to attack native ladybirds when the aphids are exhausted, reported the Daily Mail UK March 15 p 20.

ED.COM. The hypocrisy of evolutionists is amazing. First they believe in the survival of the fittest as the force of evolution, and then they don't want it to happen so UK ladybirds will stay the same. Creation Rsearch prediction: even if they let the Asian Ladybird expand into UK the country side unopposed, evolution will not happen, but natural selection will. As a result the number of species of ladybirds will decrease. Natural selection always reduces the gene pool - the opposite of evolution, which is a further verification that Genesis is correct. Creatures produce their own kind and the creation post fall, is on a downward decline. (Ref.Insects, migration, competition)


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