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ANOTHER "FEATHERED DINOSAUR," claim by Chinese and American palaeontologists in Nature Vol 410, p1084, 26 Apr 2001. The fossil bones of a dromaeosaur (small theropod dinosaur) surrounded by impressions of fine fibres. Although they use the term "feathered dinosaur" in the title of their report, the authors describe the impressions in the paper much more carefully; as "filamentous feather-like structures" consisting of tightly packed bunches of fine fibres. Because of recent controversy over the Archaeoraptor forgery, they also go the great lengths to point out the fossil has not been tampered with.

ED. COM. Other reptile fossils have been previously found with fibrous structures projecting from them and if it wasn’t for the current obsession to link dinosaurs and birds no-one who'd ever seen a bird would ever claim these are feathers. (Ref. dinosaur, feather, birds)


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