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"ALMOST NOBODY AGREES WITH HUGH ROSS" writes William Lobdell in the Los Angeles Times, 23 Jun, 2001. "Armed with the latest discoveries in astronomy, physics and biology and backed by a small army of scholars, Ross is on a quest to scientifically prove that the Scriptures are true and that the God of the Bible is the designer of the universe. In doing so he has alienated both ends of the evolutionary debate, from fundamentalists to scientific advocates of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution."

ED. COM. Hugh Ross is an academic who runs an organisation called Reasons to Believe and teaches Genesis days are millions of years. He is not the first to try this compromise but, as many of us have found from personal experience, if you stand in the middle of the road you get run down from both directions. Sadly Rossí teachings confuse Christians. Bob Stewart (Creation Research USA) reports how a ĎRoss influencedí father at a Home School conference broke down in tears as he said " I know the world is millions of years old and I donít know where to put them and I donít know what to teach my son." When Hugh Ross and his followers stand before the Lord how will they answer His question "You said I took 6 billion years to create, I said I took 6 days. Why do you call me a liar?" Thatís how serious the issue is.


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