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HUMAN CHIMP GENOME DIFFERENCE INCREASES TO 5.5% according to a report in New Scientist news 25 Sep 2002. Roy Britten of the California Institute of Technology compared human and Chimp DNA sequences and estimated the number of differences resulting from long sequences of DNA that only occur in one or the other species. Previous estimates of human chimp differences relied on a method that works on single letter differences. Brittens study adds another 4% difference to the previous estimate of 1.5% difference.

ED. COM. If scientists keep studying humans and chimps long enough they may eventually wake up to the fact that humans and chimps are 100% different, i.e. humans and chimps are unique creatures. The fact they both have some non-unique components does not prove one evolved into the other. It merely proves they have some structures and functions they both need to function on the same planet earth which the same creator built in.


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