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They are usually found in metamorphic rocks or granites. The common red garnet is called pyrope. It is rich in magnesium and aluminium. It can even be black, pink or purple. The rarest of all garnets is uvarovite. It is a calcium chromium garnet and is magnificently emerald green.

One common garnet is grossularite. It is a calcium aluminium garnet, usually pale yellow brown. It is commonly found eroded from from metamorphosed limestones or shales. Almandite garnets are a mixture of iron and aluminium and are the most abundant garnet. It is deep red or brown red and is usually found in Saschists. It can form very large crystals of both metamorphic and igneous rocks. It is also the most common garnet found in sedimentary rocks as it usually has a hardness of 7.0.



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