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Because quartz is the hardest of the common gemstones, it makes very popular inexpensive gemstones (comparatively) and can be cut in the same way as many more expensive ones such as diamonds. The result can be extremely beautiful. As a result, the purple crystal quartz called Amethyst has been the choice of royalty down through the years. The clear-cut rock crystal can be used as imitation diamonds, but most clear rock crystal is sold as a cluster of uncut natural crystals.

Some other varieties of quartz are rock crystal - clear variety; rose quartz - pink variety; and smoky quartz - brown to almost black. Amethyst is a popular purple variety, citrine a yellow quartz and crysoprase a light green variety.

These days you can buy from a science shop your 'grow-it-yourself' packet of quartz solution, which will turn into beautiful native quartz crystals in a very short period of time in your own home.


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