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Therapod Claw
Therapod Claw
Therapod Claw
Many Theropods had sharp teeth for tearing, some had flat teeth for chewing and some had unbelievably big claws. The most impressive of all these was Therizinosauridae (Latin for 'Giant claws'). BUT (surprise -surprise) their remarkably big claws) were never used for killing anything, but for digging deep to find plant food, roots etc. How do we know its large arms with massive claws were never used for killing? The rest of their body design gives it away. Therizinosaurs had a long neck, small head and flat chewing teeth that indicate it could have only ever been a plant eater. We put big sharp iron claws on the front of our dirt digging machines, so now you know God thought of it first.

Therapod fossils have been found in Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous rocks. These terms originally had nothing to do with evolution or millions of years. Triassic means 3 colours; Jurassic means like the rocks from the Jura Mountains; and Cretaceous meant chalky.

Despite the fact that many people think Therapods evolved into birds, a few evolutionary paleontologists, such as Gregory Paul, have suggested the opposite-that Therapods descended from flying dinosaurs. Just shows you can do anything with the evidence if you don't want to believe that in the beginning God created all things and He was there to tell us what did happen, and the scientists were not.

Some Therapods, like Carnosaurus, got their name because scientists made the mistake of thinking because they had sharp teeth, so they always ate meat. A quick check of the Word of God who was there (Genesis 1:29-31), tells us that in the beginning all creatures ate plants. Meat eating came later - only after man chose to sin. Before they died out, some Therapods may well have used their big claws to defend themselves as the world degenerated due to sin, and all flesh became violent in the days leading to Noah's flood. Sadly they lost the struggle and died out sometime after Noahs flood. They are extinct which is the opposite of evolution.

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