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Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java PETRIFIED PUZZLE
The presence of these Teredo worm burrows tells us much about the history of this petrified wood:

1. Conifer trees grow on the land, yet the petrified pine wood was found associated with sea creatures,- both in it and around it, and all were found in a bed of sediment laid down by water.

2. Since Toredo worms in sea water take time to make their burrows, therefore the living tree was taken from the land to the sea where it floated for long enough for Teredo worms to attach themselves.

3 The tree was buried in sediment, preserved and petrified before it rotted.


4. The normal way in which trees are naturally moved from land to sea is transport by flood water.

5. Since large quantities of petrified wood bored by Teredo worms is found in the Carnarvon region of Western Australia, whole forests of trees have been destroyed, picked up by water and washed out to sea. This points to major flood activity.

6. The wood was finally grounded on a sandy area, rapidly covered by the sand and preserved. Infiltration of salt water may have helped preserve the soft woody tissue until it was replaced by silica which had to occur in less time than it takes a pine tree to rot. The fossil burrows are examples of what are called trace fossils, ie the worm is not preserved, but the evidence of what it has done is.

The fact that we can recognize the evidence of Teredo infestation because Toredo is still on the Planet, means that Teredo worms havenít evolved one bit in the time since the wood was buried and petrified. Neither have conifer trees. Both have produced their own kind as God said He created things to do in Genesis 1. The existence of the land grown wood mixed with sea creatures tells us the whole Carnarvon region has been inundated with water, so it cant be the evidence which stops people looking for evidence of Noahs Flood.


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