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Dawn Redwood
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java Dawn Redwood
In March, 1948, University of California fossil plant specialist Dr. Ralph W. Chaney, flew to Chungking, then travelled by boat down the Yangtse River, and inland over rocky country side to see this tree. Later additional groves of dawn redwoods were found growing in sheltered mountain ravines. Some seeds were brought back to the States and planted, so young dawn redwoods again grow in several places in the USA.

The most surprising feature of the living dawn redwood is that, unlike the giant redwood or sequoias, it sheds its leaves in winter. Also, its cones are borne on long naked stems and its leaves are arranged in opposite pairs instead of alternately. Their branches slant upward instead of growing horizontally and turning down at the tips, as do the sequoias. Its seeds are small wafer-like discs similar to a flake of rolled oats. Maybe it's not provably related to the modern Sequoia at all - but regardless of the difficulty of trying to classify its relations, the dawn redwood is provably a non-evolving tree. The evidence is rock solid.


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