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Fruit (Dead)
Fruit (Dead)
Fruit (Dead)
We still see figs growing around us, so there’s not the slightest evidence they evolved from anything or to anything. Despite the technicality of giving them fancy Latin names such as Ficus ceratops, ‘figs is figs’! They are living fossils which have reproduced their own kind just like the Biblical account of Genesis says God created them to do. No wonder Professor Corner (Cambridge University) conceded, “to the unprejudiced, the evidence of plant fossils is in favour of special creation.”1
Your fossil fig is also a reminder of the curse which Adam and Eve brought into the world when they sinned and then attempted to hide their shame by making a covering of fig leaves (Genesis 3:1-6). The fig is the first plant specifically named in the Bible. It grew in the first Garden, much the same as it does in today’s orchards.

1. “Evolution in Contemporary Botanical Thought” McLeod & Cobley (Editors) Oliver & Boyd for the Botanical Society of Edinburgh. 1961, p.97



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