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Carcharodontosaurus Tooth
Carcharodontosaurus Tooth
In the present world, we know that sharks and most reptiles grow every day of their life. But none of these creature lives a vast time But the Bible records that In the world before Noahís day, people lived to be nearly 1000 years old. Such a world was one where the weather and climate was good enough for even reptiles and sharks to live vast ages. But after Noahís flood, God told Noah that winter and summer would come and gave him permission to eat meat. It is highly likely that as winters got more and more severe, the amount of plant food available became less and less, man was increasingly hunting creatures, and the ones easiest to see were the biggest ones behind the often now leafless trees. Any creature that grew every day of its life, such as most reptiles (which includes dinosaurs), would have had less and less time to reach maximum size. Secondly, after Noahís flood many animals went from being vegetarian, to scavengers, to carnivores. Undoubtedly, many began to use their sharp teeth as a defence against man the hunter. In the book of Job, written just after the Tower of Babel, fierce animals and predators are recorded. Also in Job chapter 41 God asked Job about a big monster called Leviathan that had sharp and terrible teeth, scaly platelike skin, and breathed fire. It is listed as the biggest of Godís creation. Godís questions to Job about this monster covered such topics as: 1. Can you catch it? 2. Can you tame it? 3. Can you kill it? Job knew the answer was no, no, no, but the only way Job could have known this, is that people had been trying to catch, tame or kill such big monsters that were still living to be several hundred years old and therefore could have reached such huge sizes still.

The fact that people killed such monsters is probably what gave rise to our stories of men killing dragons which sadly are regarded as myths and legends these days. The most famous dragon killer is St George in England apparently lived around the 3rd Century AD, and was a Roman soldier who became a Christian. He was martyred for his faith. St George is the reason for the Christian cross on British flags. Descriptions of dragons which have been passed down by tradition, are surprisingly like the dinosaurs fossils we dig out of the ground. Dragon is provably the old word for dinosaur, because itís the one used to first describe dinosaurs by the man who invented the word Dinosaur in 1841- Sir Richard Owen. So what happened to the dinosaurs? The declining weather, the decreasing amount of available food for big creatures, the competition with other creatures that had become scavengers or killers, and their unwinnable competition against sinful man, is probably what did them in.

Like many big reptiles Carcharodontosaurus is extinct. It was one of the many creatures that began to suffer after Noahís Flood, with the coming of Summer and Winter. Carcharodontosaurus with its razor sharp teeth was probably one creature that became a killer as well.

But the specimen shown is not an original. It is a cast or replica. Casts are copies of an original fossil and are made because you usually find only a few very high quality original dinosaur teeth and many people want specimens of it. The original dinosaur tooth, one the same size as yours, in good condition would probably cost you between $500 and $1000 US. The cast is made by making a latex copy or a mould around the tooth and then using it to make either fibreglass or plaster copies, or the newer and tougher and longer lasting coloured polyresin such as the one you have. You can learn almost everything about the original tooth from this cast.

A Carcharodontosaurus tooth cast makes a great talking point for telling others how the world has changed, but it hasnít evolved. Sadly, its done the opposite and gone from good to bad to worse as manís sin has affected more and more things. Take the opportunity to share with your friends that the same God who created the world good, is one day going to re-make the heavens and the earth and he wants them to be there, but only if they humble themselves and accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour and accept Jesusí death on the cross as the awful price to pay off the debt of their sin to God.


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