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Dinosaur Footprint
Dinosaur Footprint
This baby dinosaur footprint is not from a naturally small dinosaur such as Compsognathus 65 cm (2') long, or the even smaller Mussaurus (head 3 cm / 1.5" long), but from a recently hatched baby Coelophysis (meaning "hollow form") which would have grown to be quite large indeed. Other fossil dinosaur babies such as Psittacosaurus have also been found, and are also small.

All dinosaur eggs discovered so far are small enough to hold in your hand. The largest dinosaur egg known is 41 cm (16") long. All others are smaller than the biggest bird eggs. This means that baby dinosaurs were like baby crocodiles - they hatched out of small eggs and were born cute li'l guys. Just as baby crocs make neat little pets, baby dinosaurs also would have. Noah could easily have taken two of every kind of dinosaur hatchling onto the Ark in his pockets.

Crocodiles, and many other living reptiles, grow throughout their lives. The older they are, the bigger they are. Before Noah’s flood human lifespans were over 900 years. If dinosaurs lived this long, and kept growing for all those years, a cute little baby dinosaur could grow into a massive monster. Crocodiles certainly did. The largest fossil crocodiles are larger than any known living crocodiles. In the rocks near to where the baby dinosaur footprints were found Eldon George also discovered the huge 0.5m (20") long and 0.38 m (15") wide footprints of a giant crocodile, now named Otozoum moodi. Aren't you glad they are not that big now?!


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