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Chrysophrase is the tenth precious stone mentioned in Revelation 21: 20 as making up the foundation stones of the city wall of the "New Jerusalem". The name chrysophrase comes from the Greek chrysos, meaning golden and prason, meaning the green vegetable leek. In ancient days the term was applied to several yellowish green gemstones, including beryl, but gradually it has come to refer only to the apple-green variety of quartz.. Chrysoprase is a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz (chalcedony) and the green comes from a nickel content of 1 to 3%.

Today it is mostly mined in Australia, although deposits do exist in Brazil, the Ural Mountains and California. Chrysophrase is the rarest of the chalcedony group of gem quartzes and is much sought after. It has become the most valuable in the chalcedony group is very popular as an ornamental stone.

Gem chrysophrase is a translucent green colour and has often been for green Imperial jadeite. For that reason it is sometimes sold as "Australian Imperial Jade".

Chrysophrase was popular in the time of the Greeks and Romans when it was cut into cameos. In Egypt it was set next to bright blue lapis lazuli as well as made into beads. It was used lavishly in Europe until the middle of the last century, until the deposits then being mined in Silesia were exhausted and it became rare and expensive.

The famous jewellery designer, Peter Fabergé, often used chrysophrase in his most exquisite works,. Chrysophrase was a particular favourite of the Prussian Ruler Frederick the Great, and it can be seen today decorating the beautiful Chapel of St. Wencelas in Prague, , so can you imagine a the city of God – the New Jerusalem whose foundations are replete with this translucent green gem..

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