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Fossil Water Lilly
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java Fossil Water Lilly
The water lily is a flowering plant or angiosperms. Fossil evidence of water lilies has been found in Portugal in rocks that are labelled Early Cretaceous, and that puts them in the same rocks as many dinosaurs. The fossil lilies have been found to be very similar to the giant lilies of today from the Amazon region and have the scientific classification: Water lilies make up the family Nymphaeaceae of the order Nymphaeales, genus Victoria

Although the fossil lilies are smaller than the modern ones – they are so similar they have evidently not evolved in whatever time you allocate to the rocks – or to put it bluntly – they have produced their own Kind as Genesis states God created them to do. The unbelievably precise and very obvious correspondence between the fossil flower structure and that of modern Victoria flowers also suggests that present day method of pollination by Beetle entrapment was present in these oldest known flowers.

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