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Aboriginal Axe Head
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java Aboriginal Axe Head
This is the first aboriginal axe John Mackay found during his exploration of Central Queensland in 1967. It was from the Mad Dog Creek region. Most evolutionists would regard this axe as a primitive first attempt compared to the much smoother stone axes we are commonly familiar with. This axe shows no evidence of ever being attached to a handle, and in fact, fits nicely into the hand.

What made it so obvious in the bottom of a rocky creek bed was the very deliberate pattern of obviously chipped rock faces that resulted in a continuous sharp edge. Natural erosion, over time, usually cracks and abrades randomly as it smooths off rock surfaces. This shaped rock was obviously the work of a person who existed before it, was not a part of it, and was smarter than it. So we humans do have the ability to recognise the presence of a pre-existent being who had the talent to create.

Exactly how it got into the creek bed will probably never be known. The Australian Aborigines came from India, and this axe shows evidence of a decline in technology compared to that available in India. By the time the Aboriginal people who fled India (probably due to war and fighting, as their own legends record) arrived here, they descended to the stone-age people discovered by Captain James Cook.

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