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Pine Cone Fossil
Pine Cone Fossil
Pine Cone Fossil
This is a fossil pine cone from a conifer (Araucarian variety) preserved in silica. The cone is shown both as a full section, and a section which has been cut through to show the internal seed structure. It was found in Jurassic strata in Argentina which are similar to our Araucaria rich Jurassic Ark site near Gympie, Australia. The petrified Araucaria pine cones of Argentina are usually coloured red and pink with white highlights. As you can see, our specimen still preserves the stem, which held the cone onto the branch.
Today's Araucaria cones often drop off with the stem attached. Occasionally, such fossil Araucaria cones are preserved by opal such as those found in the Lightning Ridge deposits of Australia. Some of the best fossil cones come from the USA and are found in a strata called the Salt Wash Member of the Morrison formation. They can be 6-10cm across.

As Southern pines or Araucaria are still present on earth, the existence of these fossil cones only helps support the longevity of the species and its refusal to evolve.

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