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Science Report
...y Interface, DOI: 10.1098/rsif.2005.0060. British scientists have developed a computer robotics technique for predicting walking patterns based on footprints and the size of leg bones. The research team has applied their model to footprints found in Laetoli, Tanzania, believed to belong to fossil human ancestor officially named Australopithecus afarensis, but commonly known as "Lucy". The model showed that A. afarensis would have had a human-like, fully bipedal walking pattern, rather tha...   Click here for more...


Science Report

LAETOLI FOOTPRINTS “SURPRISINGLY MODERN” according to articles in ScienceDaily 19 July 2011 and ABC News in Science 21 July 2011. The Laetoli footprints are preserved in rock in Tanzania. Researchers from the UK, Belgium and Japan have used computer imaging techniques to analyse the Laetoli footprints and determine the walking style of whoever, or whatever, made them. The research team used image analysis based on methods used in functional brain imaging, to obtain clear three-dimensional vie...   Click here for more...


Science Report
... the only hominin species in an assemblage of >370 hominin specimens so far recovered from the Hadar Formation.” Bruce Latimer, a palaeoanthropologist at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio says the bone will resolve a debate about Laetoli footprints. These are a series of footprints found in volcanic ash dated as 3.6 million years old. The prints are distinctly human-like, made by a being with an arched foot and human-like stride. Latimer commented: "When I saw those footpr...   Click here for more...


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