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The word fossil is an old one. It is made up of 2 parts - 'foss' meaning hole, and 'il' referring to what's in it. Originally anything you dug up could be called a fossil. (No, your grandmother was never included in a real list of old fossils.) But buildings, bottles, and just about anything that was excavated from underground was once labelled 'fossil'.

These days the word fossil is a bit narrower. It refers only to the buried remains of animals, plants, people and any living creatures that have been preserved in some manner for us to dig up.

Fossils can be as spectacular as the fully preserved and very fresh deep frozen mammoths in Siberia, or as unattractive as a tiny black blob of carbon in a rock where a long gone creature has disintegrated and the blob is all that's left. It can be as dull as dino doo, or as exciting as uncovering a set of fossil footprints and following them to the beautifully intact fossil creature, catastrophically buried as it took its last step. You will enjoy your tour through some of the fossils that are part of our Creation Research collection gained on many excavation trips around the world.

Fossils are some of the most exciting and colourful dead things you'll encounter on planet earth. Choose now where you want to start your tour.

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