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Copyright Creation Research SEPTEMBER 2007

The Beginning

No human beings were there to watch the earth being formed.
No man or woman observed the first plant grow out of the soil,
Nobody saw the first creature crawling along the ground except for the Holy One who created!
Our Earth was created by God.
The world didn't happen by accident!
It was God who made the heavens and the earth.
He also made light and dark, and this was the first day and night. Surprisingly, it occurred before the sun, moon and stars were created.
We know this because God the Creator has told us what has happened in the ancient book of Genesis, the first book in the Bible.

Genesis also tells us , the sky, the sea, and dry land were made by Him.
He filled the earth with all the different kinds of plants.
Then on the fourth day God made the sun, moon and stars to shine because He commanded it to be so. This light shining on earth would later help man measure the passing of time and the seasons. These space objects also regulate the tides on earth. They are extremely predictable-like clockwork. Its one amazing result of God's planning.

After this God made all the water creatures, and different kinds of birds and flying creatures on the same day .
BUT He didn't make the animals that live on the land until the next day. And all living things were created as separate and unrelated kinds of creatures and instructed to have offspring and fill the earth. All the plants and animals were commanded to reproduce their own kinds.
Last of all, the Creator God made man on the sixth day. The first man was made from the dust of the ground, and the first woman was created out of a rib taken from the man's side. God named the man Adam and then Adam named his wife, Eve because she would be the mother of all mankind. All of us alive today are descended from this first married couple.

Man was unique. He was made to be completely different from any animal. Only man was made in the image of God. Monkeys, Apes, Gorillas and all other animals were not.
This difference makes humans extra special to the Creator. God put man in charge of all His creation, gave him authority over all the creatures, and told him to have children and fill the earth.

Man alone was made in God's image. Man alone is like God.

When God finished all His work of creating, He declared that the world and everything in it was "very good”. And then on the seventh day He rested.

The Good World

This created world was very different in the beginning than it is now. There was no death or violence on that beautifully created earth. Human beings and all animals ate plants. Nothing suffered to keep any thing else alive.

God gave the first man and woman a beautiful garden in a place called Eden. Adam and Eve had the job of caring for it. In the centre of the garden God placed a tree which He called the Tree of Life.
God gave the first man only one rule was never to be broken. They could eat from all the trees in the garden except one which God called the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam was warned that if they ate from this tree, the result would be death.

If you ask what right did God have to make such a rule, the answer is easy -it was His planet – He made it. Humans were His people. He had created man. It was His air Adam and Eve were breathing and His time they were using. God had every right to make the rules, and man had no right to break them! This is still true today.

From Good to Bad

Sadly Adam and his wife Eve disobeyed their Creator God. This disobedience is called "sin” and the first human beings sinned by eating the forbidden fruit. Sadly mankind's disobedience cut them off from direct spiritual fellowship with God. Now they were spiritually dead and had become sinners by nature.
God also carried out the rest of the punishment He had warned them about. The man and his wife were sent out of the garden so they could not eat from the Tree of Life and physically live forever. Now they would grow old and die. Death entered the history of planet Earth.

Most people don't realise this means we do not die because we get old. Rather we get old and physically die because we are sinners, and God's just penalty for sin is death. Surprisingly it also means that if someone does no sin they should not physically die.

God's judgement of death on mans sin was just - Adam and Eve had disobeyed and deserved what they got. But God's judgement was merciful as well. Unknown to us at the time, God would use death to provide a way out of mans dilemma, and enable us to come back to Him and enjoy His friendship forever.

The Curse

God also cursed the ground with thorns and thistles, so that the world was no longer very good. Earth began to become a place where none of us would really want to live forever. Sooner or later every one of us begins to realise it surely has to be better than this!

For the next 1600 years after Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden, their descendants lived very long lives. The longest lifespan recorded was 969 years for a man called Methuselah. The probable reasons for such long lives are the world was new, pollution was almost non-existent and genetic defects, such those caused by radiation or chemicals, had not built up. The man Noah was the last person to live over 900 years.

Sadly Adam and Eve's descendents continued to disobey God's instructions. Within 1500 years after creation, people and even animals all over the world became violent and corrupt. The earth became such a bad place that God declared He would wipe out the human race and the land animals by sending a flood to drown the whole planet.

But there was one man Noah who obeyed God.

But only the man named Noah obeyed God. Around the time he was 500 years old , God told him to build a very large boat called an Ark, so he and his family could be saved from drowning during the flood.

Over the next 100 years as Noah built this huge boat we call an Ark, Noah pleaded with the other people to repent of their sin and come freely onto the Ark and be saved from God's anger and judgement. But they refused. Noah was a preacher of Gods Righteousness , but the people did not want to do things Gods way.
Finally God sent pairs of every kind of air breathing, land dwelling creature and bird to the Ark for Noah and his family to care for during the coming flood. Then God caused water to erupt from the earth and rain to fall from the sky for 40 days and nights. This is the first record of rain and it was a judgement on sin. When Noah's family and all the animals were safely on board God shut the door of the Ark. After this, no-one else could enter it – they were all doomed to die in the flood.

The Flood

We call this event "Noah's Flood”. This world wide disaster caused great destruction of the land and killed the land animals and all the rebellious people. But God kept Noah and his wife, his three sons and their wives safe in the Ark, along with all the creatures He had sent to Noah. A total of only eight people survived, and all of us living on planet earth today are descended from Noah.

Two of each KIND of animal could fit on a boat about 2/3 this size. The ark had plenty of room.

The Flood destroyed every airbreathing creature on the Earth - except for Noah and his family on board the Ark. They were saved because they obeyed God.

From Bad to Worse

After the flood, God warned man the weather would change. There would be cold winters and hot summers. Life would not be as easy as it was before the flood.
God knew that places such as deserts would develop on earth. Snow would come. Winters would mean that plants could no longer provide sufficient nutrition for people. Immediately after Noah got off the Ark, God gave people permission to eat animals, birds and fish as well as plants. To do this people needed to hunt and kill animals. With the passing of time, even animals and birds and water creatures started to eat each other. Eventually some began to eat men.
Slowly the world became a place where only the fittest survived and it was kill or be killed.
As a result some creatures such as the Dodo bird have been eaten off the planet. Others have died out as the world's climate degenerated. Some have been killed off by men because they were a threat to human life. Sadly many have become extinct.
After the Flood, God had told Noah's family to have many descendents and to spread out over all the earth. BUT within 200 years most of Noah's descendants had deliberately forgotten God's instructions and rebelled against Him again. Instead of obeying God and spreading out across the globe, they wanted to make themselves great by staying in one place and building a tower to reach heaven. Instead of worshipping the Creator, this was the beginning of worship of created things, such as the sun, moon and stars.

The Tower of Babel

The place of their rebellion has become known as Babel. It was where God judged them again, by giving the various family groups different languages so they could never again unite in rebellion against Him.
These different language groups did spread out over the earth and became the ancestors of all the different races of people now on earth.
So no matter what colour your skin, or what shape your eyes are, you are descended from Adam and Eve via Noah's family down through the people who were scattered from the Tower of Babel.

As men migrated around the world and conditions became harsher, a surprising effect was noticed over the next 1,000 years. Lifespans rapidly got shorter. While Noah lived to be 950 years, his grandchildren lived only 400 years and their grandchildren only 200 years. By 4,000 years ago people such as Abraham lived 175 years, Moses lived 120 years and you and I rarely make 100 years. The same factors would have influenced animals, which is one reason why so many large land creatures have died out, or are so dwarf today.

We know all this because God cared enough about man to give us a written record of what happened. The details these events are recorded in the first book in the Bible called Genesis.

The saddest consequence of all these events is that the whole human race, including you and I have inherited the problem of rebellion against our Creator that began with Adam and Eve. No matter what rules we try to live by, sooner or later we break them. This is a problem we are born with. We are not sinners because we commit sins against God. We sin against God because we are born sinners.

From Good to Bad to Worse to Your Choice

None of us can blame God for the war or suffering on our planet. It is men who shoot the guns in war. We are the ones who hate each other, cheat our friends and damage the environment. But there is good news. The Creator does offer us a free way out.
He has cared enough to make a way to bring mankind back into friendship with Him.
Approximately 2,200 years after Babel (or about 2,000 years ago) God sent His Son Jesus Christ to this earth, to be born as a man. Jesus obeyed God all his life. He never sinned. Yet Christ was put to death when the religious leaders and the civil authorities of his day worked together to crucify him.

But think again. Where did death come from? It was the penalty for sin- the result of man disobeying God, and Jesus had never sinned!
Therefore , because Jesus did not sin against God, he had no need to die to pay for his own sin. This means his death could rightly be accepted by God as sufficient payment for someone else's sin-Adam's (and all his descendents). One living man Adam, sinned and brought death into the world; so the death of one sinless man Jesus could pay the penalty, so we could be forgiven. What good news!

To show that the penalty was fully paid and that Jesus was the Son of God, Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven. Death has been conquered and we can be offered eternal life!

From Your Choice to Glory

Because our Creator God wants all people to come into a right relationship with Him, any who admit their sin and accept by faith, that Jesus' death paid the penalty for their sin, will be welcomed into a new and eternal personal relationship with the Creator. If you humble yourself and do this, your sins will not be counted against you, and when you physically die and depart from this sin cursed planet, you will not only spend eternity with God in a new heavens and a new earth that is very good, you will receive a new body. The new creation will have no death or violence, sickness or sadness, pain or sorrow. All tears will be wiped away. The curse that came with Adam's sin will be removed by God and everything will be very good. We see God face to face and enjoy his presence forever.

Ask God now to forgive your sin. Confess to Him you are a sinner and you do accept that Jesus died in your place. Tell Him you are willing to obey and serve Him as Creator with His Son Jesus as Lord of your life, and His Holy Spirit filling you within. That is how you become a Christian – a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Other Choice :

Judgement and punishment
If you become a Christian, you will be freed, or saved from being punished from you sins. We call this process Salvation.

But if you choose to reject Gods free offer of salvation you must remember it is God's creation and we are accountable to Him. He does have the right to punish us for our sin. If you reject Jesus suffered punishment in your place, be warned – you will have to pay the penalty of your own sin. God has created a place of punishment called Hell. Those who are not saved will spend eternity there. They will no be able to die and they will not be able to get out. Jesus spoke much about Hell during his time on earth. One thing He said was:

[41] "The Son of man (Jesus) shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; [42] And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth” (Matthew 13:41-42)

Only the foolish would choose Hell instead of God's free offer of Salvation.
Which do you choose?

A Personal Challenge

We encourage you to carefully think through what you have read and to ask questions, but don't fall into the trap of putting off choosing heaven or hell until the end of your life. None of us knows when we will die. Christ the Creator and Judge has also clearly told us He will suddenly and unexpectedly return to earth one day. After that you will no longer be able to choose. Jesus reminded people of this when he said:

"But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and they knew nothing until the flood came, and took them all away. So shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Matthew 24:37-39

The day of your death or the time of Christ's return, will be like the day when God shut the door on Noah's Ark. After that there was no more opportunity to be saved from Gods judgement. Don't delay. Now is the time to be saved and make sure your name is written in Gods Book of Life.

No human being knows when Christ will return, but if Jesus Christ is your Saviour, you can look forward to that day, as well as to the New Heavens and New Earth where only there will be no more evil or sorrow and you will see and know Jesus face to face.

If after reading this you have made a decision to receive Christ as your Saviour and Lord, tell us now
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