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ROCKS are what the Earth's surface is made of, and rocks are made up of minerals. Rocks can be subdivided into 3 main groups; those that have been melted; those that have been cooked without melting; and those that have been laid down either by water or in air. The melted ones are called Igneous, the cooked ones that haven't melted are called Metamorphic and the ones that have been laid down in water or air are called Sedimentary.

MINERALS are the stuff which makes up rock. Some rocks have many minerals in them, but most have only a few. The minerals themselves are made of various combinations of the 92 naturally occurring elements such as copper or oxygen. The number of possible combinations of all 92 elements is enormous. Some elements combine with almost no other materials so they are usually found as raw material, eg. gold. There are some 3000 common combinations of elements and multitudinous more uncommon ones.

On this site you will see many of the common rocks and minerals we have in our Creation Research collection, as well as some of the rare ones.

Click here for rocks and minerals that can be viewed in 3D or hi-res images you can zoom in on.


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