Chapter 15


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Question from Chapter 14

Could any natural properties of matter be the source of information needed to create DNA; or does the information in the cell indicate that living organisms were created? 

Information in DNA

DNA is an information rich molecule.  Can natural properties of matter of the material universe be the source of information in DNA?

General Evolutionary theory says Matter + Energy + Time gave rise to life using only the natural properties of the system.  But how natural are properties of the material universe?

Let's go back to tossing a coin for one week.  Remember the results.

Coin (Matter) + Energy + Time NP® 50/50 Heads and Tails

This 50/50 result is only natural because the coin already has a head and a tail.  Where did the Properties of the head and tail come from?  Coins are manufactured from metals according to instructions from a designer at the government mint.

Matter (metal) + Energy + Time  OI  Coin (with a head and a tail)

The information on the minted coin now exceeds the information on the metal it was made from.  The head and tail are created properties, i.e:

IP (coin)  >   Ip (metal)

 This shows when you take a blank metal disk the same shape, size, weight and composition as the coin and try to buy something.  You will not succeed!  There is no creatively added head or tail property on the metal, even though the blank metal disk contains the Natural Properties of the same metal as the coin.

Even the metal blanks are the result of creative activity of those who refined the metal and manufactured the metal discs.  Metal does not possess a natural property that forms it into discs of a precise shape and weight.  To make the coin, intelligent manufacturers have to first recognise the properties of certain metals as being appropriate for making metal discs that can carry the information that makes the difference between a coin with value, and a metal disc with almost no value.  They then combine their creative intelligence with the properties of the metal to achieve a Product.

However, the ultimate value of the coin is determined by the inscription.  This is not the result of the natural properties, even though the creator of the coin has made use of them to place and store the information on the coin.  The same metal blank could be made into a coin of completely different value if a different inscription was imprinted on it.

Thus, the total amount of information in a coin includes the information involved in taking raw metal ore, refining it and shaping it, plus the supplying information in the inscription.

Natural processes cannot make anything that has any vague resemblance to a coin.  Such processes will never produce refined metal discs or give any inscriptions having any meaning. 

Can we say the same about natural processes and life?

Evolution and Chance Random Processes

Evolution is the belief that life originally formed due to the natural properties of matter, energy and time.  Any changes that resulted in all present life forms have also been due to natural properties of the material universe.  The terms chance and random are often used to the processes involved in evolution.  However, these are not very satisfactory.  The behaviour of organic molecules is the product of properties they already possess.  This means there are only a limited number of outcomes when the molecules  react together, determined by their pre-existing properties - just as there are only two possible outcomes for coin tossing, determined by the properties of the coin.

Therefore, the results obtained from experiments involving such organic molecules are neither chance nor random.  Saying something happened by chance or at random usually means we don't know what is happening or do not understand the properties of the molecules, i.e. it is a statement of our ignorance, not our understanding.

Now let's go back to DNA and ask: Was it created?

DNA and Information

DNA is made of sugars, phosphates and bases.  By themselves these contain no coded life-making information, but the amount of coded information on a completed DNA molecule is very large. 

Therefore:  IP (DNA) > > > Ip (sugars, phosphates, bases).

This is the characteristic of a creation!

Just as the properties of coin metal enable it to carry the information in the inscription, but metal did not invent the information, in the same way, the chemical components of DNA did not invent the information carried by DNA.

DNA acts like a substance that has been deliberately used by an outside intelligence, where the properties of its component parts have been and assembled in such a way that they store and convey information, including the information for duplicating the information and passing it down to future generations.  In other words, the first DNA was created.  It didn't happen by itself.

Furthermore DNA only functions as part of a system with a whole lot of other molecules that protect the DNA, transcribe the information and put it to use, must have been put into place at the same time.  In other words the first cell had to be a creation.

A Scientific Prediction: How you can win a Nobel Prize

No known matter shows any Natural Properties which would enable it the matter to spontaneously generate the information necessary to make life.  Therefore, if you want to become famous by being the first to create life in a test tube, we suggest the following:

Don't try any Evolutionary process based on the Natural Properties of matter, i.e.

Matter + Energy + Time Natural Processes® Life.

It won't work!

Try a method based on Creation by the supply of Outside Information.

Matter + Energy + Time Outside Information® Life

In this case the Outside Information will be supplied by you (if you're clever enough) and the result will be your Nobel Prize.


No matter discovered in the Universe shows any Natural Properties which would enable it to spontaneously generate life.

Life could only begin when Outside Information was added to the system.


This conclusion is not a new thought but it has been said in a different way.  We (the authors) have been giving you (the reader) information about Information by using Words.  If you want to know anything more you need to go to the authors of the information. 

The concept of "in the beginning life came into existence when information was added from outside", can be replaced by a much older phrase: "In the beginning was the WORD".  If you want to find out about the WORD, you will not find it within the matter of the earth, or even in the universe.  You will have to go outside the created universe to the source of the information.

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