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By John Mackay and Diane Eager

© Creation Research, 2007

Are living organisms just the result of natural physical and chemical processes, or were they made by an ingenious Creator? 

Is it possible to recognise to recognise the difference between something that just happened by natural processes, and something that was designed and created?

These questions, and more, are answered as we go searching for the origin of life.


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1. Spontaneous Generation

2. Making Life's Molecules

3. Mirror Image Molecules

4. Separating Right From Left

5. Another Life Starter?

6. DNA and Information

7. Coded Information

8. More on Coded Information

9. DNA Code

10. The Origin of Information

11. What Mutations Do

12. Maintaining DNA Information

13. Time and Information

14. How to Recognise a Creation

15 Conclusion on Creation