Fifth Edition  -  ©2004
   1.  Revelation, Reason, and Revolution
   2.  Preparing the Ground
   3.  Foundations for Darwin's Theory
   4.  Science and Geology
   5.  Charles Darwin, M.A.
   6.  The Species Question
   7.  The First Missing Link
   8.  From Mammal to Man
   9.  More Fossil Men
  10. Heads, Organs, and Embryos
  11. The Age of the Earth
  12. Old Earth, Young Earth
  13. From Revelation to Scientism
  14. The Road to Atheism
  15. New World Order
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In the Minds of Men

Darwin and the New World Order

by Ian T. Taylor

Fifth Edition


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Copyright © 1984, 1987, 1991, 1999, 2004   Ian T. Taylor,  Fifth Edition

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Taylor, Ian T. 1931-
In the Minds of Men

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Includes index.
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1. Humanism-Controversial literature.
2. Religion and science-History of controversy.
3. Civilization. Modern-20th century.
4. Life-Origin.

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In the Minds of Men
by Ian T. Taylor - Fifth Edition


About the Author

Preface (to the First Edition)

Preface to Fifth Edition


1. Revelation, Reason, and Revolution

 --> _Revelation and Belief
 --> _Our Greek Heritage
 --> _Our Jewish Heritage
 --> _Christianity and Science
 --> _The Latin Church
 -->_ Architect of the Roman Church
 -->_ The Latin Church Divided
 --> _The Galileo Affair
 -->_ Renaissance
 --> _The Scientific Method
 --> _The French Connection
 --> _Reason's Revolution

2. Preparing the Ground

 --> _Carl Linnaeus
 --> _Comte de Buffon
 --> _Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
 --> _Georges Cuvier

3. Foundations for Darwin's Theory

 --> _Thomas Robert Malthus
 --> _Charles Lyell
 --> _Lyell's Inspiration: James Hutton
 --> _Lyell's Geology
 --> _Lyell, William Smith and the Geologic Column
 --> _Lyell and Darwin
 --> _Alfred Russel Wallace

4. Science and Geology

 --> _Lyell's View of the Earth
 --> _About Fossils
 --> _Museum Displays
 --> _Fossil Evidence of Catastrophe
 --> _Sinking Continents
 --> _Back to Niagara Falls
 --> _What About the Ice Age?
 --> _Frozen Mammoths
 --> _What Kind of Rock Is That?
 --> _Age Names and the Geologic Column
 --> _The Problem of Bent Rocks
 --> _Those Anomalous Fossils
 --> _An Alternative View
 --> _Lyell's Geology Has Its Problems

5. Charles Darwin, M.A.

 --> _The Unitarian Church
 --> _Darwin's Youth
 --> _Darwin and the Bible
 --> _The Beagle Voyage
 --> _The Darwin Family
 --> _Darwin's Illness
 --> _The Origin of Species
 --> _Darwin's Other Books
 --> _Darwin's Death

6. The Species Question

 -->_ What Is a Species?
 --> _Finches and Pigeons
 --> _From Species to Species Among the Fossils
 --> _Dinosaurs
 --> _The Horse
 --> _From Reptile to Bird
 --> _How the Reptile Became a Mammal
 --> _Popular Claims for Transitions
 --> _Natural Selection
 --> _Mendel and Genetics
 --> _Mutation: For the Worse or for the Better?
 --> _Neo-Darwinian or Synthetic Theory
 --> _Punctuated Equilibria
 --> _Problems With Selection and Perfection
 --> _Trilobite Eyes
 --> _Survival of the Fittest
 --> _Industrial Melanism
 --> _Survival and Extinction

7. The First Missing Link

 --> _Did Life Begin Spontaneously?
 --> _Did Life Originate at the Bottom of the Sea?
 --> _Did Life Originate Extraterrestrially?
 --> _Back to the Sea
 --> _Back to Extraterrestrial Origins

8. From Mammal to Man

 --> _The Fossil Men
 --> _Neanderthal Man
 --> _The Lady From Guadeloupe
 --> _Cro-Magnon Man
 --> _Java Man
 --> _Piltdown Man
 --> _Rhodesian Man
 -->_Nebraska Man

9. More Fossil Men

 --> _Peking Man
 --> _The African Fossil Men
 --> _Nutcracker Man
 --> _The "1470" Man
 --> _Lucy
 --> _Stone Age Swindle
 --> _Are Hominids Really Missing Links?

10. Heads, Organs, and Embryos

 --> _Heads
 --> _America's Golgotha
 --> _Vestigial Organs
 --> _Embryos
 --> _Why Erroneous Theories Persist After Being Discredited

11. The Age of the Earth

 --> _The Age of the Earth Before Lyell and Darwin
 --> _Time and Rationality in the Nineteenth Century
 --> _Some Former Facts of Science
 --> _Salt in the Sea
 --> _Israel's Chronometer
 --> _More Salts in the Sea
 --> _Back to Discarded Myths
 --> _Cooling of the Earth and Lord Kelvin
 --> _Principles of Radiometric Measurement
 --> _The Radiometric Methods
 --> _Rate of Decay
 --> _The Initial Formation of the Mineral
 --> _Complications by Lead 206 Contamination
 --> _The Potassium-Argon Method of Dating
 --> _Are the Radiometric Methods Reliable?
 --> _The Assumptions of Radiometric Dating
 --> _A Closer Look at the Universal Constants
 --> _Is the Velocity of Light Constant?
 --> _Are Decay Constants Constant?

12. Old Earth, Young Earth

 --> _Enigma in the Basement Rocks
 --> _The Appearance of Age
 --> _Carbon 14 Dating
 --> _Carbon 14 Results
 --> _The Underlying Assumptions
 --> _A Closer Look at Some of the Assumptions
 --> _What Can be Concluded About Radiometric Dating?
 --> _Evidence That Demands a Verdict
 --> _The Sun's Source of Energy
 --> _Rotating Sun-Rotating Earth
 --> _Icy Visitors From Space
 --> _Meteorites, Tektites, and Moon Dust
 --> _Earth's Decaying Magnetic Field
 --> _The Missing Radiogenic Helium
 --> _Stalactites or Stalagmites?
 --> _Very High Pressure Oil Wells
 --> _Population Explosion

13. From Revelation to Scientism

 --> _Preparation for the Challenge
 --> _The Long Shadow of the Sphinx
 --> _Wavering Faith
 --> _Loading the Dice
 --> _Turning Point
 --> _Compromises-Day Age and Gap Theories

14. The Road to Atheism

 --> _Theistic Evolution
 --> _Unitarian Origin of Theistic Evolution
 --> _Asa Gray's Followers
 --> _Theistic Evolution and the Roman Catholic Church
 --> _Theistic Evolution in the Protestant Churches
 --> _From Evolution to Atheism
 --> _Biblical Evolution
 --> _Hypothesis Not Supported by the Facts
 --> _James Frazer and the Flood
 --> _The Ebla Controversy
 --> _Genesis in China
 --> _Evolution, a Basis for Religion

15. New World Order

 --> _Latter-day Law-giver
 --> _Nature or Nurture?
 --> _Galton's Inheritance
 --> _Galton's Legacy
 --> _I.Q. and Sterilization
 --> _The Road From Darwin to Hitler
 --> _Cyril Burl-Eugenics' Death Knell
 --> _Wilson's Sociobiology
 --> _The Nurture Side of the Controversy
 --> _Scientific Sanction for Free Love
 --> _Behavioral Modification
 --> _Secular Humanism
 --> _Unification of the Mind in the Schools
 --> _Unification of the Mind in the Media
 --> _Who Are the Secular Humanists?





End of Contents  -  In the Minds of Men